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Pool and Spa - Broken Glass Dangers

This is the 11th installment of “14 Ways to Make a Splash with Pool Safety which is available as a Free download from our eBook library.

Your pool is a fun place to play and a beautiful accent to your home. But the area around your pool can easily become wet and slippery. You’ve got a recipe for disaster when you combine wet, slippery surfaces with glass. If there is any glass in the immediate proximity of your pool, there’s a good possibility that it can shatter. If the glass is clear, good luck finding all of the broken shards in your pool! Talk about “finding a needle in a haystack!”

Keep your Cape Coral pools a safe zone by setting a few pool safety rules:

  • Teach your children to not use glassware around your pool. Always put drinks in cups or other plastic containers, especially for young children.
  • While a romantic dinner with wine glasses near the pool may sound nice, wine glasses are top heavy and can easily tip over.
  • Paper or plastic plates are recommended when dining near your pool.
  • Keep glass-top furniture far from Cape Coral pools. Accidents do happen, and even tempered glass can break in some cases.
  • Be wary of adult guests who are drinking alcoholic beverages from bottles or glasses, especially if they appear to be intoxicated.

14 Ways to Make a Splash With Pool SafetyWhen an accident happens, and broken glass gets in your pool, if it’s colored glass, you maybe able to spot the large pieces of glass and remove them. However, the shards of glass may still remain. On the other hand, if it’s clear glass, you’re going to have to drain your pool because even large transparent pieces of glass are practically invisible. After draining it, sweep up as much glass as you can find. Fill the pool back up and run the automated pool cleaner a few times before re-entering.

Doing all this work might seem like a bother, but it’ll save you a trip to the doctor’s if a glass does break! Of course you could always take the easy way out and have your pool maintenance done by the trusty Pool Pros.

Also, if you enjoy reading outdoors, be very careful where you set down your magnifying glass or reading glasses. If you inadvertently set either of these down on a news paper or couch cushion, you can potentially start a fire.

Make sure that your Cape Coral pools are the safest on the block! If you need a thorough clean up of the area around your pool, or perhaps even some storm clean-up after a really bad storm, contact us online or give us a call at (239) 277-7783.

– Joe

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