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Florida pool screen enclosures

This is the eleventh of 12 Ways to Revitalize Your Outdoor Living Area which can also be downloaded from our free eBook library.

When you think of a Florida homeowner’s pool, you probably picture it within a screen enclosure. On the other hand, at upscale resorts, spas, and hotels, you will usually find unscreened pools.

There really is no right answer to whether you should have a screened enclosure around your pool. It is really about what works best for you. Below are several points to consider when deciding whether to screen, or not to screen.

Pool Screen (Courtesy of Flickr User Roger4336)Looks
Most people prefer the look of an unscreened pool. It’s open, airy and there’s no barrier between you and the great outdoors. However, this may not be a great benefit if you have neighbors who live close by.


You get much more sunlight with an unscreened pool. For some people, this may be a disadvantage if you like the slight UV protection that a screen provides.


A screen will filter out most bugs and critters, whereas an open pool is not protected. Homes in highly developed areas may not find it problematic. However, if you are closer to woodlands or overgrown areas, you will most likely want a barrier between you and these unwanted guests.


Screens can be damaged even during average, summer rainstorms in Florida. During a major hurricane, however, it’s very likely that you will suffer some sort of damage to your screen enclosure. Repairs are typically covered by homeowners insurance, however, your premiums may be slightly higher with a screen.


A screen eliminates some of the dirt and debris that inevitably make their way into your pool. Homes with lots of mature landscaping that may drop into the pool will want to make this a special consideration.

12 Ways to Revitalize Your Outdoor Living AreaA screen can be a good barrier for kids and dogs who may be allowed in the pool area. It can also help provide a level of privacy, and eliminate the possibility of uninvited guests using your pool!

If you plan on installing a screened in pool enclosure here in Southwest Florida, ensure you hire an ensured and licensed contractor. QualityServicePros.com is an excellent resource to find pre-screened (pun intended 😉 ) contractors in the Fort Myers/Naples/Cape Coral area. We know because we too, had to pass all of their qualifications in the pool construction category.

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