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Candles Floating in a Pool (Courtesy of Flickr User jnaithani)

This is the twelfth of 12 Ways to Revitalize Your Outdoor Living Area which can also be downloaded from our free eBook library.

If you have taken all of the suggestions we’ve given you recently, then you are probably already having an amazing experience in your outdoor space! Here is one last suggestion to give it an extra special touch when you are not using your pool.

If you are having a party or a special occasion where you don’t intend for anyone to swim, consider “decorating” your swimming pool with floating objects.

Candles make a stunning appearance in a nighttime pool. You can buy floating candles at department and craft stores. They are designed to be wide and flat which allows them to float along the surface of the water. Never leave candles unattended in any circumstances.

Flowers can also float in your pool. Many types of flowers will work, but keep in mind that “wide and flat” works best, so consider flowers that are similar to a Gerbera daisy. Large blooms are best.

Ask a local florist for recommendations. Flowers can be combined with floating candles for an extra romantic effect. It’s a great idea for weddings too!

Floating lights and fountains are also available from many different vendors online. There are options for every budget. If your taste runs in a more conservative direction, look for floating lanterns.

Swimming Pool Decorations - Floating FrogIf you’re having a theme party, there are many inflatables that may match your decor. If you’re throwing a party for children and want them to be able to swim, consider a double-duty decor/pool toy, like floating fish or turtles.

For everyday beauty, don’t forget to spruce up your pool landscaping. Well-maintained bushes, shrubs and flowering plants will elevate the appearance of your patio and deck. The effect is subtle but noticeable. Remember, the pool area is really like another room in your house – decorate accordingly!

QualityServicePros_TransBkgdAs we’ve mentioned in the past, if you’re looking for great ideas for revitalizing your outdoor area, we’ve compiled 12 ways to do so in our free eBook.

When it comes time to put these plans in motion and you’re looking for a pool contractor in Fort Myers that’s capable of such a project, please contact us at (239) 277-7783. If not us, then make sure the contractor you choose is Quality Service Pros certified!

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