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How Cheap Swimming Pool Repairs Become Expensive

Posted by Joe On December 18th

If you’re searching for cheap pool repair in Fort Myers, ask yourself this one question:

Are you honestly low on cash or are you just doing your best to be frugal?

If you don’t have much spending cash, I can completely understand why you’d be looking for a cheap repair man. Most of us, at some point in our lives, have been strapped for cash and need an inexpensive contractor of some sort.

If you’re doing your best to be frugal, choosing a cheap pool repair company based on price and PRICE ALONE means that you’re risking inferior workmanship, sub-par supplies, and potential costly repairs in the future.

Look, I’m a frugal business man so I understand the value in seeking less expensive alternatives in all things. But there are just some things that you don’t want to skimp on and this is one of them…

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Is your backyard a little drab and perhaps a bit outdated? Are you hesitant to invite guests over to go swimming in your pool because it looks so dull and uninviting?

If you’re searching for ways to transform the look of your backyard, have you ever considered installing underwater swimming pool lights?

Underwater Swimming Pool Lights IntelliBrite by Pentair

Installing energy efficient LED light bulbs in your swimming pool is one of the best (and least expensive) ways that you can “freshen up” your backyard and feel confident in inviting guests over for a party!

Now I’m not gonna lie to you. The following video shows some pretty amazing pool-scapes with deck jets, spill-over spas, and deck pavers. While these may not resemble your current pool, you can still get the idea of how the underwater lighting will look in yours.

Underwater swimming pool lights can create a setting for a truly magical evening!

Spending time near your pool in the evenings is a great way to unwind and relax at the end of the day and it can make for a beautiful setting for socializing with friends.

To help ensure that your pool always has the perfect ambiance and lighting, Pentair has invented a product called IntelliBrite® 5g. This is an automated color-changing pool and spa light featuring LED technology.

This pool lighting not only provides a beautiful evening setting, but also saves you money. The lights have the “Eco Select” stamp in energy efficiency, in addition to a lifetime value, unmatched quality of light, and are easy to control.

How IntelliBrite® 5g works:

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