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3: Relax in a Comforting Spillover Spa

Posted by Joe On October 3rd

This is the third of 12 Ways to Revitalize Your Outdoor Living Area which can also be downloaded from our free eBook library.

One of the features that has exploded in popularity over the last 10 years is the spillover spa. A spillover spa is a separate area of your pool – most have jets that can be turned on or off, depending on your preference for bubbles and back massage!

The spillover spa is connected to your pool and runs off the same system. However, it can also be treated as a separate entity – if you want to heat only the spa and not the entire pool.

Besides the many benefits of a spa, a spillover spa has other specific qualities which make it such a popular Floridian pool feature.

It’s gorgeous!
A spillover spa adds dimension and depth to your pool area and functions as an architectural highlight. It becomes an area where you can show off your choice of tile and color – it’s a real focal point for the eyes. It can take an average pool from plain to amazing.

It adds seating.
A spillover spa is usually the first place adults congregate when having a pool party. It gives a feeling of intimacy and is perfect for conversation.

It makes a soothing sound.
The sound of a spillover spa is wonderfully calming. It’s like having a relaxation CD with nature sounds playing at all times. A gentle trickle of water flows from the spillover spa into your pool whenever you have the system running. It makes for a great atmosphere at parties – even ones which don’t involve your pool directly!

Please download our free eBook to learn 11 other ways to revitalize your outdoor living area. If you’re ready to install a new hot tub or spa, check out our portfolio and see if any particular style suits you best. Then call us at 239-277-7783.


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