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This is the 3rd installment of the “14 Ways to Make a Splash with Pool Safety which is available as a Free download from our eBook library.

If you have ever watched kids swimming on a hot summer day, you have probably noticed the big smiles and abundance of laughter. Summertime swimming is the very definition of fun for most kids!

If your children haven’t learned how to swim, here are some tips to help them along in your home swimming pools, so that they don’t miss out on all the fun.

First, be sure your child is interested in learning to swim. Be patient and don’t force swimming on a reluctant child. However, if your child is over 4 years old and wants to learn, start slow.

14 Ways to Make a Splash With Pool SafetyExperiment with blowing bubbles in the water. See if your child is willing to submerge their face in the water to blow bubbles. Do this from a shallow area where your child already feels comfortable.

Practice holding your breath together. Try it first above the water, then see if you can do it together under the water of your home swimming pools.

Hold your child securely and glide them through the water. Be calm, but happy. If your child is uncomfortable, don’t force the lesson, and wait for a better day. If his or her water-related experiences are pleasant, they will want to learn.

Practice kicking and stroking motions on dry ground. While firmly holding your child, see if he or she will replicate these motions in water. Use a kick board for practice.

Have your child swim a couple feet from the wall of the pool to you. Gradually move farther away as they become more comfortable with the swimming motions.

Remember, these types of swimming lessons are only appropriate for older children. If you are interested in learning about “self rescue” swimming lessons that can keep infants from drowning, specialized classes are available in Lee County. See www.isrfortmyers.com

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