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Outdoor Theater (Photo Courtesy of Flickr User Chad Davis)

This is the fifth of 12 Ways to Revitalize Your Outdoor Living Area which can also be downloaded from our free eBook library.

If your pool plans are complete, it is now time to put the icing on the cake and budget for an outdoor theater, complete with surround sound and television!

Some people prefer quiet and meditative pool experiences, whereas others are always busy entertaining and hosting outdoor parties. Depending on where you fall on this spectrum, you may be interested in adding audio or TV to your pool area.

If you often listen to music while you’re in the pool and really appreciate a quality sound system, then it may be reasonable to install one. Today, there are many a variety of options for wireless systems.

Outdoor Theater with Fire Pit and Entertainment AreaWhen making your choice, you want to ensure that you get something waterproof. This is important, even if you place your speakers far from the pool area. A waterproof remote control is a great feature to look for in a sound system designed for the outdoors.

If you are a sports fan and can’t miss a game, then you should install a flat screen TV near your pool. Or, perhaps you want to show a movie by the pool if you are entertaining guests.

You can also use a TV to create ambiance with underwater or nature scenes playing in the background. Before you commit to buying, think carefully about what size of screen is best for your area. If you’re watching (not just listening), you will probably need a large screen to get a decent view from all areas of your pool. If you just plan to watch from the deck, then a small size might be fine for your purposes.

12 Ways to Revitalize Your Outdoor Living AreaWith today’s hyper-connected televisions, you can also think outside the box. Maybe play music videos during a pool party! Or, if you’re having a family reunion by the pool, you could play home movies linked from your YouTube account. The possibilities are endless.

With an outdoor theater in your pool area, you’ll never want to be inside again!

To get more ideas on how you can improve your outdoor living space, click the eBook icon to download a free copy. On the other hand, if you’re ready to get started and you want an ultimate outdoor environment installed immediately, email or call us at 239-277-1405. We’re happy to travel as far north as Tampa and as far south as Everglades City to help you give your backyard a complete makeover.


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