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Pool Screen Enclosure

This is the sixth of 7 Ways to Save on Your New Pool which is available for free from our library of eBooks.

Bring the outdoors in and keep the bugs out!

A pool screen enclosure is a free standing aluminum structure, and even though it’s subject to damage from strong winds or heavy debris, there are many advantages that outweigh the risk.

Here’s a list of benefits of why you should consider a pool screen enclosure for your home:

  • Made up entirely of an aluminum frame, which requires NO maintenance and will not deteriorate
  • Screen rooms are covered by home owner’s insurance
  • Helps to insulate the pool water from extreme temperatures
  • Saves you money on expensive pool chemicals
  • Protects your family from the environment, while still enjoying your ultimate outdoor environment
  • 7 Ways to Save on Your New PoolHelps to keep yard debris and dead bugs out of your pool (live ones too!)
  • Screen doors close and are self latching
  • Extends the longevity of your pool equipment
  • Provides added privacy

You will find that with a pool screen enclosure, your pool maintenance costs will go down.

Finally, your pool screen enclosure can sustain heavy damage during a hurricane. Many SW Floridians learned this during the 2004 & 2005 hurricane seasons. Fortunately, we can help you with the post storm clean up of your pool.


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