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Use a chlorine generator for your salt water pool (photo courtesy of flickr user harryalverson)

This is the seventh of 7 Ways to Save on Your New Pool which is available for free from our library of eBooks.

What if you never had to buy chlorine for your pool ever again?

Many people are converting their backyard pools from the standard chlorine system to salt water pools. Once this conversion takes place, you no longer have to purchase chlorine for your pool.

Just imagine the time and money saved!

A chlorine generator is used in salt water pools. The main function of a chlorine generator is to produce chlorine for the pool. It converts salt molecules into chlorine that work to clean salt water pools the same as if you’d added the chemical type of chlorine…a HUGE advantage.

So, how does it work?

A chlorine generator produces chlorine constantly by breaking down sodium chloride (salt molecules) into sodium and chlorine. The sodium and chlorine recombine into sodium chloride after a while and then the process repeats. This is why salt water pools are so popular because it is a self sufficient system.

However, there is a secret to the system.

The salt cell must remain free of calcium and mineral deposits. The cell itself is made up of precious metals and it must be maintained so it can continue chlorine production.

7 Ways to Save on Your New PoolThe chlorine generator creates a type of chlorine called hypochlorous acid. This is the agent that kills algae and other harmful stuff in salt water pools. A proper pH and a balanced water condition are crucial its effectiveness. So balancing the water chemistry in your pool is imperative!

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