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I was just looking over our online “eBook” library and I have to say —

Pool Construction - Pool Safety - Fort Myers - Naples Florida

WOW!  We have got quite the library of helpful information – from pool service & pool safety tips to pool renovation ideas to creating the ‘ultimate outdoor environment’ it’s in there!

Over the years, I’ve met with thousands of families, parents, and couples who have asked such wonderful questions.

I’ve helped dozens in times of need turn what was a not-so-good situation (a dark green, moldy, mildew infested pool, for example) into a dream outdoor experience…

But one of the most powerful things we started doing a few years ago (A BIG thank you to my friends and Internet Marketers at ISG!) was creating helpful eBooks that have truly empowered so many people.

With everything we create, we try to:

  • thoroughly answer the questions we receive,
  • provide thoughtful direction – hints and tips on creating and maintaining the best environment, and
  • assure you’re learning from all of the lessons we’ve learned over the years!

If you’ve met me, or my team, you know we want nothing more than the safest, happiest, and most fun outdoor environment for you, your family and friends.  That’s our mission! 😉

Please let me know how you think we’re doing, OR if you have any questions or ideas on what we can help you with, please send them to us too, either by commenting below, or Contacting Us on our website!

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to help you, I truly appreciate it.


12 Ways to Revitalize Your Outdoor Living Area

Posted by Joe On February 20th

12 Ways to Revitalize Your Outdoor Living Area

I’m often amazed at the number of customers and acquaintances (who I’ve known for years) who say to me “Oh, I didn’t realize that you do pavers too, Joe. Had I known, I would’ve had you pave my pool deck!”

When I hear things like this, I shake my head a little and say to myself “How can I possibly get the word out any louder and clearer that I am here to help you?”

Don’t get me wrong, pool cleaning & maintenance makes up a large portion of our business and I am so thankful for the trust that you put in my company to do what’s right, even when you’re not home to monitor us.

But what I REALLY love to do is to…

Create & Restore Swimming Pools and Backyard Environments

I love it when someone comes to me and says “Joe, I have a pool in my backyard that’s been around for 15 years. The pump is bad, I think there’s a leak in it, and the whole thing just looks drab. What can we do to give it some life?”

Or someone else will say “Joe, I’m building a new house on the Caloosahatchee and I want an entertainment area in my backyard so that my family and I can take advantage of the gorgeous weather here in Southwest Florida.”

When people come to me knowing that they want something different to liven up their homes (whether they have a clear vision or not), I love having the opportunity to help them become more comfortable in their own homes.

Outdoor Kitchen created by Pool Pros Inc.It brings me much joy knowing that I’m helping to build a backyard setting where

  • Families can eat & spend time together at their outdoor kitchen
  • Friends can meet and enjoy each others company while gathered around the fire pit
  • Children can enjoy a fantastic pool party with their friends for their birthday
  • Lovers can enjoy each others company in their own little slice of heaven

That is what gets me out of bed in the morning!

I also love to educate people on the possibilities of what they’re backyard can become. That’s why I put together the eBook shown above as well as the others in my eBook library. And the best part is that they’re all free!

Over the last few months, I’ve given you free tips on revitalizing your outdoor living area and here they are:

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Candles Floating in a Pool (Courtesy of Flickr User jnaithani)

This is the twelfth of 12 Ways to Revitalize Your Outdoor Living Area which can also be downloaded from our free eBook library.

If you have taken all of the suggestions we’ve given you recently, then you are probably already having an amazing experience in your outdoor space! Here is one last suggestion to give it an extra special touch when you are not using your pool.

If you are having a party or a special occasion where you don’t intend for anyone to swim, consider “decorating” your swimming pool with floating objects.

Candles make a stunning appearance in a nighttime pool. You can buy floating candles at department and craft stores. They are designed to be wide and flat which allows them to float along the surface of the water. Never leave candles unattended in any circumstances.

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Florida pool screen enclosures

This is the eleventh of 12 Ways to Revitalize Your Outdoor Living Area which can also be downloaded from our free eBook library.

When you think of a Florida homeowner’s pool, you probably picture it within a screen enclosure. On the other hand, at upscale resorts, spas, and hotels, you will usually find unscreened pools.

There really is no right answer to whether you should have a screened enclosure around your pool. It is really about what works best for you. Below are several points to consider when deciding whether to screen, or not to screen.

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Outdoor Kitchen in Florida

This is the tenth of 12 Ways to Revitalize Your Outdoor Living Area which can also be downloaded from our free eBook library.

The phrase dining “al fresco” comes from the Italian language and literally translates to “at a fresh temperature” — which is a fitting expression for those of us who love to eat outside.

Outdoor Kitchen Florida 02If you are a fan of al fresco dining, then you probably enjoy charming picnics, quaint European cafes, and sunny family barbecues. Imagine expanding your dining space to your pool area. Every night will be an opportunity to eat under the stars.

What could you cook in your outdoor kitchen? In Florida, you could cook ribs, steaks, corn on the cob, chicken, shrimp, bratwurst…pretty much everything YEAR ROUND! Whether your grill is freestanding or an elaborate built-in unit, you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to outdoor menus.

More ambitious cooks and fans of outdoor dining may opt for extra luxuries like an outdoor refrigerator for keeping drinks and sides cool. Wine lovers may add in a professional wine chiller. A built-in sink is extra handy for clean-up.

What else would you add to your outdoor kitchen?

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This is the ninth of 12 Ways to Revitalize Your Outdoor Living Area which can also be downloaded from our free eBook library.

One of the most overlooked, but very important features is the lighting system. Your swimming pool’s lights make the entire area exceptional to view at night.

What type of lighting should you choose? LED or fiber optic lights?

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This is the eighth of 12 Ways to Revitalize Your Outdoor Living Area which can also be downloaded from our free eBook library.

The walls and floor of your pool are the easiest and most visible areas to add value with decorative swimming pool tiles. There are hundreds of options to choose from and each speaks to a slightly different design aesthetic.

At Pool Pros, we recommend 6×6 tile for most pool users. You won’t be disappointed with the selection of colors and patterns available to you in that range. However, there are other size options available.

Penny tiles are a throwback to some retro designs, but they are surprisingly modern when done in unexpected colors. A pool deck with a mod 60’s vibe, tropical Hawaiian look, or even a sophisticated European style would all be a good match for penny tile.

Glass tile, while a bit more expensive, is unsurpassed on looks. Choosing a solid color glass tile can make a dramatic statement. Glass tile is also available in mosaics, which can give a very customized look. These tiles look fabulous in sunlight and give a glossy appearance.

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Tanning Ledge, Pool Bubblers

This is the seventh of 12 Ways to Revitalize Your Outdoor Living Area which can also be downloaded from our free eBook library.

If you haven’t heard of a tanning ledge in a pool, then you’re not alone. Some first-time pool buyers don’t realize how many features are available in today’s modern designs.

A tanning ledge can include a raised area with a shallow water pool attached, that connects to the main pool area. Some have a gradual “step down” – which mimics the effect of the beach where the ocean slowly gets deeper.

It’s a great place for tanning (obviously), but it’s also useful for visually separating the space. Kids and pets also find the tanning ledge to be a great area to play.

For those who don’t want to be fully immersed or actively swim across a pool, a tanning ledge is the perfect place to be. You can stay cool while still enjoying the pool atmosphere.

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This is the sixth of 12 Ways to Revitalize Your Outdoor Living Area which can also be downloaded from our free eBook library.

Most people don’t use their pools exclusively for swimming. The deck and patio are areas for parties, for outdoor dining, for sitting near a fire-pit, for relaxing to music, and for just about anything else you can think of!

With this ever-growing list of poolside activities expanding, many homeowners are opting to invest in extra special additions to the area.

Deck jets are a show-stopper for the families we’ve helped. Think of a major theme park, where water shoots out of the ground in a beautiful arc. We can put that at your poolside! The streams of water can emerge from your pool deck or around a special feature. The jet and nozzles that make it work are out of sight.

It’s almost a magical experience when you get to see the gentle arcs of water, creating a moving art form right in front of you.

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Outdoor Theater (Photo Courtesy of Flickr User Chad Davis)

This is the fifth of 12 Ways to Revitalize Your Outdoor Living Area which can also be downloaded from our free eBook library.

If your pool plans are complete, it is now time to put the icing on the cake and budget for an outdoor theater, complete with surround sound and television!

Some people prefer quiet and meditative pool experiences, whereas others are always busy entertaining and hosting outdoor parties. Depending on where you fall on this spectrum, you may be interested in adding audio or TV to your pool area.

If you often listen to music while you’re in the pool and really appreciate a quality sound system, then it may be reasonable to install one. Today, there are many a variety of options for wireless systems.

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