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I was just looking over our online “eBook” library and I have to say —

Pool Construction - Pool Safety - Fort Myers - Naples Florida

WOW!  We have got quite the library of helpful information – from pool service & pool safety tips to pool renovation ideas to creating the ‘ultimate outdoor environment’ it’s in there!

Over the years, I’ve met with thousands of families, parents, and couples who have asked such wonderful questions.

I’ve helped dozens in times of need turn what was a not-so-good situation (a dark green, moldy, mildew infested pool, for example) into a dream outdoor experience…

But one of the most powerful things we started doing a few years ago (A BIG thank you to my friends and Internet Marketers at ISG!) was creating helpful eBooks that have truly empowered so many people.

With everything we create, we try to:

  • thoroughly answer the questions we receive,
  • provide thoughtful direction – hints and tips on creating and maintaining the best environment, and
  • assure you’re learning from all of the lessons we’ve learned over the years!

If you’ve met me, or my team, you know we want nothing more than the safest, happiest, and most fun outdoor environment for you, your family and friends.  That’s our mission! 😉

Please let me know how you think we’re doing, OR if you have any questions or ideas on what we can help you with, please send them to us too, either by commenting below, or Contacting Us on our website!

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to help you, I truly appreciate it.


Backyard Renovations

Posted by Joe On June 14th

I had the honor of being a guest poster on Mike at Progressive Builders’ blog. Woo hoo!

Progressive Builders' Blog

It was about the struggle that so many Southwest Floridians have in regard to maximizing the living space in their backyards.

But if you align yourself with an experienced pool builder and home remodeling company, they can help you reach your goals of creating an incredible outdoor space for you, your family and friends.

Backyard Environments

Click to view larger image

In fact, the article includes many examples of ways you can revitalize your backyard and help you make your dream home become a reality. We’ve already helped hundreds of Southwest Floridians do the same and we’d love to help you.

←There are so many more of these kinds of backyard environments that we can create for you. Imagine the fun you will have entertaining your friends.

Want to learn more? Just read Backyard Design Ideas – How to Maximize Your Living Space!


How are you supposed to enjoy your ultimate backyard environment if  your palm trees are turning black like this?

Imagine that you worked your whole life and socked away money in order to purchase your dream home in Southwest Florida.

You spend a lot of time and money designing the perfect home, complete with a gorgeous back yard setting…your own slice of heaven!

Imagine that your backyard is complete with a newly renovated swimming pool that comes with fountains, deck jets, and waterfalls.

You also took the time to carefully map out your landscaping features and had them installed by experts.

After a few weeks of enjoying your new home, you notice that your palm trees are turning white and then black and wilting!

Why are my palm trees dying?

That’s a great question and it’s one that had my team and I baffled. As we were out servicing pools, we kept noticing more and more palm trees that were turning black with a white, sticky substance on them (as pictured above).

As it turns out, this problem is caused by Rugose Spiraling Whiteflies, a new pest that’s come to Southwest Florida and looks like this:

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A pool heater and chiller makes a pool comfy year round

This is the third of 7 Ways to Save on Your New Pool which is available for free from our library of eBooks.

Neither the hot summer days nor the the cold winter nights should keep you out of your pool.

Installing a pool heater or pool chiller can bring you and your family added fun to your ultimate outdoor environment. Whether you live up north, or in the sunnier climates, you can double and even triple your enjoyment of your new pool.

Doesn’t that make you want to dive right in?

The most important tip when purchasing a pool heater or pool chiller, is knowing what kind to buy. Your choices will either be an electric pool heater/heat pump or a combination pool heater/chiller.

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7 Ways to Save On Your New Pool

Posted by Joe On April 26th

Construction On Your New Pool

Congratulations! You’ve decided to start construction on your new pool!

Are you concerned about cost and sticking to your budget?

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We are confident that with the tips you’ve just learned…

Ultimate Outdoor Environment

…and the help of our experts and design team – you’ll be enjoying your very own outdoor living area very soon.

Here is a recap of all the tips in case you missed one:

  1. New Pool and Spa Construction – Enjoying a hot summer outside
  2. Pool Service Maintenance – Maintaining your Outdoor Space
  3. When pool maintenance is neglected or not performed, pool repair and renovation becomes necessary
  4. Driveway Pavers – Pay attention to all areas of your Ultimate Outdoor Environment
  5. Detailing Your Outdoor Oasis – Creating Ultimate Outdoor Environments
  6. Storm clean-up – Ultimate outdoor space in all weathers
  7. Salt/Saline Pools – Going Green as an Outdoor Space Enthusiast
  8. Pool Safety Tips for Enjoying your Ultimate Outdoor Environment
  9. Convenient and Easy Pool Automation
  10. Stay-cations Outside of Your Backyard

Keep our team in mind as you continue to plan for your new construction pool or spa, or if you require pool service maintenance for an existing pool. No matter where you’re at in the creation of your space, remember that details are what make the space personal and unique.

Things like driveway pavers, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and outdoor televisions can complete a space and make it your very own.

All of the tips that you learned can be downloaded in our FREE eBook “10 Tips to Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Environment.”

Look to the experts at Pool Pros Inc. or visit www.poolpros-inc.com for the most up to date information about custom swimming pool construction and other tips you’ll need to know for your own outdoor space.

As we discussed in Tip #4, a stay-cation is only effective…

Outdoor Lighting

This is the fifth tip of our series “10 Tips to Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Environment.”

…if you’ve achieved that feeling of serenity all throughout your ultimate outdoor environment.

What better way to ensure your comfort than to bring all the things you love inside your house to the outside?

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It’s difficult to appreciate a backyard when…

This is the first tip of our series “10 Tips to Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Environment.”

…July/August/September’s heat index climbs into the 100’s.

Heat and humidity make the TV and couch particularly inviting.

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10 Tips to Create an Ultimate Outdoor Environment

Posted by Joe On September 6th

Want to have 365 vacation days a year without leaving town?

Ultimate Outdoor Environment

Let us help you create your own Ultimate Outdoor Environment!

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