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How Cheap Swimming Pool Repairs Become Expensive

Posted by Joe On December 18th

If you’re searching for cheap pool repair in Fort Myers, ask yourself this one question:

Are you honestly low on cash or are you just doing your best to be frugal?

If you don’t have much spending cash, I can completely understand why you’d be looking for a cheap repair man. Most of us, at some point in our lives, have been strapped for cash and need an inexpensive contractor of some sort.

If you’re doing your best to be frugal, choosing a cheap pool repair company based on price and PRICE ALONE means that you’re risking inferior workmanship, sub-par supplies, and potential costly repairs in the future.

Look, I’m a frugal business man so I understand the value in seeking less expensive alternatives in all things. But there are just some things that you don’t want to skimp on and this is one of them…

Looking for a cheap pool builder in Fort Myers?

How “cheap pool repair” winds up costing more

Any contractor with basic knowledge of pool repair can tell you what you want to hear, dollars-and-cents-wise.

But when you factor in the costs of having the initial deck repaired by a cheap repairman PLUS the cost to hire a quality repairman to fix the deck that the cheap repairman messed up, it would’ve made more sense to just go with the quality repair man. For example:

Lets say company A quotes a repair for $800.
Lets say company B quotes the same repair for $700.

Company B wins the bid and is hired. They repair the deck in an inexpensive fashion without the proper precautions and basically don’t do the job right which causes leakage problems, mold, and an unsightly deck in an upscale neighborhood.

The homeowners association calls up company A and says “Can you fix what company B screwed up?”

Company A says “sure we can but it’s going to cost $200 to undue the poor job that company B did, PLUS $800 to repair the pool deck correctly.”

After all the dust settles, a job that could have cost $800 winds up costing $1,700…a 212% increase!!

The above scenario actually happened (although the actual figures have been simplified).

The pool deck pictured above is located in an upscale community in Fort Myers, Florida. Originally the homeowners association asked us for a bid on this particular project, however we were not hired because they felt that our bid was too high.

They wound up hiring a cheap contractor who did exactly what we told them we wouldn’t do and well…you can see what happened. Long story short, who do you think they wound up calling for pool repair?

This photo is a perfect example of why Pool Pros Inc. is not the cheapest game in town.

While we are very interested in making our work affordable to the consumer, our main goal is to ensure that the job is done right with either standard or superior materials and quality workmanship.

The moral of the story is:

Don’t hire a contractor based on price alone because if you’re looking for cheap pool repair, there’s an excellent chance you’ll get cheap results.

Instead, do your homework. Check sites like the Better Business Bureau to research a contractor’s track record and Quality Service Pros to hire pre-screened, licensed & insured professionals.

In the long run, you’ll be happy you got a lower price, a better product, and much less aggravation!

Drop us an email or call (239) 277-7783 if you need quality repair work done on your pool.


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