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I go to quite a few networking groups like the Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce and Quality Service Pros and from time to time, I receive referrals from fellow business owners whose clients are looking for pool remodeling in Fort Myers.

The questions that I get are usually centered around the aesthetics of the pool…

  • What kind of pavers would look best on my pool deck?
  • What kind of decorative tile do you suggest for the pool’s interior?
  • …and so forth

And while aesthetics are very important, equally important is the functionality of certain pool components because I don’t care how beautiful your pool is on the outside, if the water is murky, irritates your eyes, or is green….no one’s going to want to swim in your pool!

Keeping your water crystal clear is essential to enjoyment of your pool but it’s also one of the biggest hassles.

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That’s why I tell my clients about a product called the Clean & Clear Cartridge Filter that will automate your pool cleaning and make your life much easier!

The Clean & Clear Cartridge Filter is designed with special filter elements that strip tiny particles from your pool water. In fact, it can sense particles as small as 30 microns. (For those of us who have no idea how big a micron is, here’s a comparison. A grain of beach sand is about 1,000 microns. This pool filter detects particles that are only 30!)

In addition to trapping all of those things we can’t see, the Clean & Clear also has a cartridge surface consistency that will trap the maximum amount of solids.

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Although the Clean & Clear does most of the work for you, every once in a while, it does need to be rinsed from trapping all of that debris. But, because of the cartridge design, this is a simple task. Cleaning is a breeze! You just open the top, remove the cartridge, hose it off and the Clean & Clear filter is ready to go again.

If you’d like us to install this product for you in SW Florida, call (239) 277-7783. Or if you’d like to learn about more pool products that make life easier, click the icon to download our free eBook. →


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