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Convenient and Easy Pool Automation

Posted by Joe On December 29th

Standing around outside waiting for the brand new pool to heat up…

Automatic Pool Cleaner

This is the ninth tip of our series “10 Tips to Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Environment.”

…isn’t something most would consider a great way to spend their time. To avoid the downtime associated with the controls located directly on your pool or spa, the installation of a pool automation system is the best solution.

Easy to use pool and spa automation controls are becoming more and more reliable and easy to use.

Similar in appearance to your digital air conditioning thermostat, your pool or spa control system is operated from a location inside your home.

With the push of a conveniently located button, you can easily manage your pool and spa functions from inside your home.

Pool automation controls everything including:

  • Water flow
  • Heaters
  • Sanitation
  • Water chemistry
  • Under water lights
  • Yard lights
  • Air blowers
  • Deck jets
  • Water features
  • Auto cleaning systems

The cost of this system is dependent on the functions and learning which pool automation control is best for you is a decision that an expert can make based on your specifications.

Learn more about pool automation systems during your new pool or spa construction process. Installing the pool automation system during the construction of your pool or spa can mean that you’ll get a package price on the unit.

“10 Tips to Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Environment” is also available as a free eBook and can be downloaded from our web site: www.PoolPros-Inc.com/ebooks/.

Contact the experts at Pool Pros or call 239-277-7783 and discover how you can take the step into technology by installing a pool automation system and creating a worry free, relaxing outdoor environment controlled by you – from wherever you’d like.


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