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Back in April, I told you about how an ItellipH® pH Controller from Pentair could keep your family and guests from suffering with red, irritated eyes after swimming in your pool.

We Love Our Pool - No Puffy Red EyesWell just recently, we upgraded one of our clients’ filtering and sanitation system for his in-ground pool and when I told him about the benefits that the IntellipH® brings to the table, he decided that he didn’t want to spend any additional money to ensure his family’s comfort.

But as he soon learned, balancing the chemicals in his swimming pool wasn’t an easy task, or one that he had enough time for.

His children started complaining about their red, puffy eyes each and every time that they swam in the pool – a CLEAR SIGN of a pH imbalance.

Long story short, he calls me back up and says “Joe, you were right. Can you please install that pH controller that you were telling me about? My kids won’t stop complaining about their stinging eyes.”

No More Stinging, Bloodshot Eyes after Swimming

If you’d like to see for yourself just how well Pentair’s IntellipH® pH Controller works, we’re putting them on sale for $880 with taxes and installation included! That’s $100 in savings!

In the Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Naples, Florida metro area, contact us or all (239) 277-7783 and ask for the IntellipH® special going on for the whole month of July! Sale goes on through 5pm on July 31st, 2013. Don’t wait!

To learn more about this awesome automatic chemical controller, download this free brochure:


I look forward to your call!


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