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How to Automatically pH Balance Your Pool

Posted by Joe On October 24th

Has your child ever gotten out of the pool and complained that their eyes sting badly?

Reduce Stinging Eyes with an automatic pH Controller

This is the first of 8 Automatic Swimming Pool Products that Make Life Easier which can be downloaded as a free guide.

The cause of this problem is most likely that your swimming pool’s chemistry is out of whack.

Here’s how to fix the problem and get your little ones back in the pool, enjoying life once again!

In order to keep your pool healthy and beautiful, you need to ensure that the pH levels remain balanced. But, what exactly is pH?

The letters pH actually stand for ‘potential of hydrogen’(H), which is present in water (H20) and all organic compounds. But, pH isn’t something you can see or feel. It is a measure of acidity and alkalinity.

The pH levels in your pool determine how acidic or alkaline the water is at any specific time. Fluctuations in your pool’s pH level can cause things like cloudy water, irritated eyes, corrosion of pool equipment, and damaging calcium scale buildup. This buildup can disfigure your pool and clog the filter. pH levels that are too high can also can reduce the effectiveness of chlorine.

IntellipH pH Controller

IntellipH™ pH Controller

So, in order to keep your pool safe for swimming, it’s important to monitor pH levels daily. Pool water should be slightly alkaline or neutral. (On the pH scale, this means at seven or slightly above.)

To balance your pool’s PH level, you have to become a bit of a chemist. Because acids and bases neutralize each other, you need an acid to lower the PH or a base to raise it If it is low, you need a base to raise it.

Sound like a royal pain? It kind of is. So, to make your life easier, Pentair Water Pool and Spa has put out a wonderful product that will do all of this for you! It is called IntellipH®.

IntellipH® automatically dispenses a constant dose of muriatic acid to balance your pool’s pH levels. It also is safer and much more convenient, vastly minimizing the need for you to handle muriatic acid.

The muriatic acid is held in a large, 4-gallon reservoir, so it will work on it’s own for quite some time without you lifting a finger.

When it is time to refill the reservoir, you simply remove the plastic cap from a gallon jug of muriatic acid, with the foil seal in place.

Then, you can invert the jug over IntellipH® container, and it will automatically pierce the seal. This allows the chemical to drain safely without getting any on your hands.

If you’d like to purchase and have this product installed so that you and your kids can get back to enjoying your pool here in Southwest Florida, call us at (239) 277-7783!


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