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IntelliFlo®: A Pool Pump that Saves You Money

Posted by Joe On February 21st

Most traditional pool pumps are energy hogs.

Did you know that it’s not uncommon for your pool pump to consume as much energy as ALL your other home appliances…combined!?

The cost of energy for a pool pump alone can add up to more than $100 per month in some areas with higher energy rates. So, what’s the good news?

The IntelliFlo® pool pump by Pentair

Pentair has an EcoFriendly pump called the IntelliFlo® that will drastically reduce these energy costs for you. How does it work?

High-tech motor

The technology used in this pool pump is the same concept as hybrid cars. It uses a permanent magnet motor, which is a fundamentally more energy efficient design than traditional induction motors used in most pumps.

Variable speed capability

IntelliFlo® also includes a variable speed capability, which incorporates custom programming of optimum pump speeds for specific pump tasks. In other words, this is a “smart-pump” which knows the maximum pump speeds it needs to do tasks such as filtering, heating, cleaning, spa jets, waterfalls, and any other tasks that are required of your pool pump.

Using slower speeds takes advantage of the pump law: by going slower, power consumption is reduced. So, by automatically shifting to the slower speeds for tasks that don’t require as much power, this pump will save you an immense amount of energy and money.

One other way this product will make your life easier (or at least more enjoyable) is sound reduction. This is virtually the quietest pump on the planet! Thanks to the magnet motor and a completely enclosed fan cooled design, combined with the fact that it runs at lower speeds, this pump is the quietest pump ever built. Sometimes you won’t even notice that it’s operating. Pretty cool, huh?

If you’re thinking about completely remodeling your pool in Southwest Florida, I would highly recommend having a variable speed pool pump installed. If not Pentair, that’s fine. Just make sure that it has variable speed capability because you’ll quickly notice the energy saving on your monthly energy bill.

Call us for more information (239-277-7783) or just download a copy of our free eBook 8 Automatic Swimming Pool Products that Make Life Easier. Now get back to enjoying that pool of yours here in Paradise! 🙂


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