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With harmful chemicals at the top of the list for things to change as you choose to go green…

This is the seventh tip of our series “10 Tips to Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Environment.”

chlorine alternatives have become popular options in the purchasing and consideration of new pool and spa construction.
The process of adding chlorinated chemicals to the water in your pool is known as “shocking” it.

While the connotation associated with this word is anything but positive, for years it was the best and only option for sanitation of your pool.

Salt water pools are the green version of chlorinated pools.

While there are limited cost-savings for home owners (significant ones for those owning commercial pools), saline pools are safer for swimmers.

Salt water pools promise comfortable swimming experiences with quality water and eliminate the bad chemical reactions like green hair and red, irritated eyes. In addition, your skin is softer as opposed to dry and cracked when stepping out of a chlorine pool.

Saline pools are resistant to algae, as the continuous “shocking” through the saline system and sanitizers prevents algae growth.

Saline pools also have health benefits that come from the mild salt water. Chlorine allergies and irritated skin are no longer problems in the natural, therapeutic water of a saline pool.

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