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Stay-cations Outside of Your Backyard

Posted by Joe On January 12th

Once you’ve allowed yourself to enjoy the space that you’ve worked hard to create…

Ultimate Outdoor Environment

This is the tenth tip of our series “10 Tips to Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Environment.”

…the money that you’ll save enjoying your ultimate outdoor space can be used for a different sort of stay-cation.

After all, stay-cations don’t always mean that you’ll have to stay at home.

It’s more than reasonable to expect that at some point you’ll want to venture back into the outside world and discover what’s out there. Enjoying yourself with a limited budget in mind can mean a different sort of stay-cation, in your larger, figurative backyard. Allow yourself to relax at a resort destination in your city or a neighboring city. Discover commercial pools at nearby resorts and enjoy a few days off lounging in the sun.

Spa under construction

However, there are important things to consider before you or your children set foot in any commercial pool. Prior to the passing of recent laws, commercial pools were built on single suction pump systems that could only be turned off if the pump itself were turned off.

Unfortunately, one pump suction caused many gruesome incidents that resulted in deaths by drowning, disembowelment or evisceration of young children whose hair, clothes, or even body parts were sucked into the drain.

While legislation has been passed since then to ensure that no pool will be built like this in the future, deadlines are approaching for commercial pools owners to rebuild their equipment to meet the new code including, gravity drainage systems installed, and replacement of drain covers.

It is important that your children are made aware of these requirements whenever you allow them to swim in a pool that you’re unfamiliar with so that they can easily determine which drains are safe and those that are not.

Visit www.poolsafety.gov for guidelines in pool safety and www.FloridaPoolPro.com to find out when the deadlines are for your area.

Experts like Pool Pros have been working hard to ensure that pumps are rebuilt to ensure compliance in commercial and residential pools.

“10 Tips to Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Environment” is also available as a free eBook and can be downloaded from our web site: www.PoolPros-Inc.com/ebooks/.

If you own a pool or know of a pool that requires heat pump reconstruction or drain covers, call Pool Pros at 239-277-7783 to ensure the safety of your children as well as the children of others and request a free consultation. Together we can ensure that preventable deaths of this nature never happen again.

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