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LED Pool Lights (photo courtesy of flickr user Martin Nikolaj)

This is the first of 7 Ways to Save on Your New Pool which is available for free from our library of eBooks.

Setting the mood is essential when it comes to pool lighting.

Increasing the ambiance in your outdoor space doesn’t have to increase your electric bill. My suggestion is to use LED Pool lights. Not only will you save money, but you can do your part to help save the environment too.

LED, which stands for Light Emitting Diode, emits a light source that can be captured and used for operational lighting purposes. The life expectancy of LED Pool lights can reach up to 11 years and they use about 1/3 the power of a fluorescent or halogen bulb.

Here are 5 Advantages why you should use LED lights for lighting your pool.

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7 Ways to Save On Your New Pool

Posted by Joe On April 26th

Construction On Your New Pool

Congratulations! You’ve decided to start construction on your new pool!

Are you concerned about cost and sticking to your budget?

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