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The UltraTemp® Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Posted by Joe On January 28th

ultratemp swimming pool heat pump from pentair

Even in Florida, your pool can get a little too cool for comfort in chilly months or in the evenings. In order to enjoy swimming year round, most pool owners equip their pool with a heater.

However, electric heaters require a lot of energy to keep your pool warm and inviting when it’s chilly outside.

With today’s energy costs, this is the best time to consider investing in a heat pump. UltraTemp® heat pumps use only a fraction of energy to create the same amount of heat that gas, oil, or electric heaters generate.

With this pump, only $0.20 worth of electricity can produce $1.00 worth of heat that would be generated by other methods.

So, aside from saving money and being environmentally friendly, how does this product make your life easier? It’s automated!

UltraTemp® has a handy AutoSet feature that comes standard. This monitors your pool’s water temperature and turns the pump on and off as needed.

This feature overrides the time clock to maintain the desired temperature. So, it’s the “ultimate” in hands-free control to keep you swimming in your pool comfortably, year-round.

But that’s not all UltraTemp® heat pumps have to offer. Here are some of their other features:

  • The enclosing cabinet is made of a plastic composite material that’s corrosion resistant and stands up to pool chemicals and severe climates (perfect for Southwest Florida)
  • It is the industry’s first swimming pool heat pump that’s charged with a refrigerant called R410A, which doesn’t deplete the ozone
  • Although we don’t often face freezing temperatures here in Fort Myers, this heat pump is equipped with an automatic defrost feature which:
    • Senses refrigerant temperature
    • Prevents UltraTemp® from freezing
    • Allows the heat pump to operate at even lower temperatures
  • 8 Automatic Swimming Pool Products that Make Life EasierOn the LCD control board, you no longer have to interpret codes. How awesome (and non-aggravating) is that!? That’s because it now displays an intuitive, menu-driven readout with easy to follow, full word messages.

Having a swimming pool can be a great blessing. But having an automated pool that maintains itself with little human effort is a GREAT THING!

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