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7 Ways to Save on Your New Pool

Now that you know how to save on your new pool, dive in!

Let’s recap the 7 tips that will help you build a beautiful new pool and save you money at the same time.

  1. LED Pool Lights: Saving Money While Saving the Environment
  2. Save Money With an Energy Efficient Pool Pump
  3. Enjoy Your New Pool Everyday of the Year with a Pool Heater or Pool Chiller
  4. Save Time, Energy and Money with Pool Automation
  5. Install A Solar Water Heater and Make Your Pool Radiate
  6. Pool Screen Enclosure: To Screen or Not to Screen
  7. Chlorine Generator: The Key to Salt Water Pools Bather Comfort

If you missed one of the tips, you can always find them in our FREE eBook 7 Ways to Save On Your New Pool

If you already have a pool and just have some pool maintenance concerns, we would love the opportunity to earn your business. Look to the experts at Pool Pros Inc. for the most up to date information about new pool and spa construction and other pool services.


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